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Photos: Anti-Trump Protest in Columbia, SC

November 12, 2016
Just before I left Friday night's Anti-Trump protest in downtown Columbia, a couple hundred demonstrators held hands on the statehouse grounds near the intersection of Ma...
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Photos: Gunpowder Residue on Last Day of the Trump Campaign

November 08, 2016
"Do you photograph fireworks or some other substance with gunpowder?" asks a friendly secret service agent named John in the lobby of the Dorton Arena in Raleigh, NC. Th...
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"Inundated" - A visual journey through historic flooding in 2015

September 29, 2016
Not long after light broke on the morning of October 5 of last year, I pulled a u-turn at Harden and Gervais streets. On assignment for Getty Images, I followed a rescue...
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Photos: Fifth night of Charlotte protests draws large youth crowd, families, remains peaceful

September 25, 2016
At two a.m. this morning outside of the Omni Hotel in uptown Charlotte, NC, the fifth straight day of protests ended with a solemn gesture of unity and a promise to retur...
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Photos: Pride in the City - Columbia, SC

September 04, 2016
Yesterday morning I got up at four a.m. to drive over to Gate 2 at Fort Jackson. Another in many recent newspaper assignments following a handful of recruits through thei...
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Photos: Hoechella showers West Columbia in Glitter

August 28, 2016
If you attended the second day of Hoechella on Saturday at New Brookland in West Columbia you'll probably remember it as that time the power went off during Can't Kids' s...
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Photos: Football means that Halloween is coming

August 22, 2016
There was a high of ninety one today in Columbia, SC and my roommate remarked how nice it was when he walked out of the house around one o’clock this afternoon. Folks on...
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Capitalist at house show convinces photojournalist to change career goals

August 08, 2016
When I ran into Summer Ruisseaux on Friday night at New Brookland Tavern she was a bit apprehensive about hosting a house show on Saturday with Say Brother and the New Or...
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Donald Trump pig effigy confiscated on final night of RNC

July 24, 2016
Just before sundown during the final day the 2016 Republican National Convention a young boy wandered up and down a section of Euclid Street dishing out fives high and lo...
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Photos: A dissident, cameraman, po-po shit sandwich - On the streets at the RNC

July 20, 2016
"NAZI SCUM!...OFF OUR STREETS! NAZI SCUM!...OFF OUR STREETS! NAZI SCUM!...OFF OUR STREETS! I can hear protestors in the Cleveland public square as their voices bounce of...
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