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Overnight shooting in Columbia's Vista at closing time

September 16, 2017
After talking with law enforcement outside of The Empire Supper Club on Lady St. in the Vista early Saturday morning, a man walked under crime scene tape and over to the...
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Photos: North Florida's fight with Hurricane Irma

September 14, 2017
Yesterday in Middleburg, Florida, covered in strands of Spanish Moss and various pieces of foliage, I paddled up to the residence of James Wade. Thirty six hours before,...
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Photos: Irma causes record flooding in Jacksonville, FL

September 12, 2017
Yesterday, after weathering Hurricane Irma in Daytona Beach, FL, I started driving towards the Tampa Bay area to see the the storm's effects closer to where it made landf...
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Photos: Blow-up doll "Judy" welcomes Hurricane Irma to Daytona Beach

September 11, 2017
Just before curfew was enacted due to Hurricane Irma yesterday in Daytona Beach, a blow-up doll named Judy, attached to dozens of balloons, came barreling down the beach...
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Photos: Hurricane Irma and Doyle at the Daytona Beach Pier

September 10, 2017
As Hurricane Irma migrated north, throwing bands of wind and rain across the sunshine state on Sunday, I encountered a local named Doyle at the pier in Daytona Beach. "I...
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Photos: Hurricane Irma approaches Daytona Beach

September 10, 2017
My folks have been living in Flagler County, Florida off and on for twenty years now. I spent a couple summers during college break living 30 minutes north of Daytona Bea...
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Photos: DACA Prayer Vigil - Columbia, SC

September 06, 2017
"God of love and justice, you are the god of all peoples of every nation and yet no nation. For you do not recognize our ways of marking and partitioning, ours and theirs...
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Protestors, pirates, politicians, giant weiner highlight Chapin parade

September 04, 2017
As republican senator Lindsey Graham rolled by a group of demonstrators from the back seat of a white convertible in Chapin on Monday morning, they shouted at him, but no...
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Photos: Friday night at Hoechella - Columbia, SC

August 27, 2017
So far this weekend, I’ve made photos at an Apache helicopter team’s deployment to Afghanistan, a youth golf skills tournament, a sixtieth Golden Girls themed birthday pa...
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"Disgruntled" worker shoots and kills one in Charleston

August 24, 2017
The Charleston Post and Courier reports that a 'disgruntled' worker entered Virginia's on King in Charleston, SC during lunchtime today, locked the door, and announced, "...
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