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Soda Citizen: Tyler Morris Listens to Phish

June 16, 2017
Sean: If you are eating peanut butter, how or with what are you putting it in your mouth? Tyler: With a spoon. Or in a Reeses Cup. I actually have three things of peanut...
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Photos: Confederate Memorial Day - Columbia, SC

May 10, 2017
A small group of men and women stand around the Confederate Monument at the South Carolina Statehouse in Columbia, SC. With their hands not occupied with flag poles, they...
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Photos: March for Science - Columbia, SC

April 24, 2017
In coordination with Earth Day celebrations on Saturday hundreds of cities across the globe participated in pro-science demonstrations. Organizers say more than 600. In L...
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Photos: Antiwar Protestors Piss Off Old Man

April 13, 2017
I wasn't out in front of the South Carolina Statehouse again for a another protest. The antiwar protestors just happened to be nearby the confederate monument at the sam...
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Photos: New Millwood Ave. Mural Connects Artists with Neighborhood

April 02, 2017
Watching four street artists as they painted a new mural on Millwood Ave., a 59 year-old neighborhood man sat across the street drinking a 16 oz. can of Icehouse on Wedne...
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Photos: Town Hall meeting with Sen. Lindsey Graham - Columbia, SC

March 26, 2017
Some hide -- U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson, R-SC. Some plant supporters in the front rows and have donut holes and coffee -- Tom Rice, another GOP member of the house from the Pa...
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Photos: Town Hall with Sen. Lindsey Graham

March 05, 2017
"No. No. Don't give him the microphone. No. No. No," pleaded one of Sen. Lindsey Graham's staffers from the side of the stage yesterday as the lawmaker attempted to wrap...
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Photos: Spirit of America Rally! Fake News?

February 27, 2017
Shawn Herzog (below) helped to organize a pro-Trump rally on President's Day a week ago in Red Bank, SC. On Monday, he joined about 100 fellow Trump supporters as a speak...
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Photos: Donut Holes and Drama at Florence Town Hall Meeting

February 24, 2017
Last night’s town hall meeting with Rep. Tom Rice in Florence, SC was a bit more boisterous than than last week’s dual town hall with Rep. Mark Sanford and Sen. Tim Scott...
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Photos: The People's March on Columbia, SC

February 21, 2017
In January of last year, Henry McMaster, then lieutenant governor of the state of South Carolina, introduced then candidate Donald Trump during a campaign rally in Gilber...
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