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Soda Citizen: Lindsey Vidal, back from church retreat with pink hair

January 07, 2017
Sean: Everybody is talking about snow on Saturday. What are you gonna do if it snows? Lindsay Vidal: I hope all my appointments cancel so I can sit at my house with [my...
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Photos: New Year's Eve at New Brookland Tavern

January 01, 2017
Three hundred and sixty-four days to do something this year.
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Year in Review: 2016 - Photos by Sean Rayford

December 31, 2016
In 2016 I learned about tear gas, the superpowers of fishing waders and my need for a chainsaw. Here are 55 photos that I made in 2016. January 15: Columbia, SC - Republ...
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Photos: Surfing Santas take over Cocoa Beach, Florida

December 25, 2016
In 2009 George Trosset, joined by his son and wife, dressed up as Santas on Christmas Eve to surf the waves at Cocoa Beach in Florida. "The next year about 20 of us showe...
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Dave Chamberlain begins 19,000 mile Forrest Gump Run with trip to Waffle House

December 19, 2016
Dave Chamberlain is running across the world. Two weeks ago he began the latest leg of his journey, a 19,000 mile "Forrest Gump Run." The forty year-old South African, wh...
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Soda Citizen: Jessica Bornick - Accomplice in high school paddle theft

December 14, 2016
Sean: Have you ever had an imaginary friend? Jessica Bornick: No. If you had an imaginary friend, we’d need a name and maybe what you guys do together? If I had an ima...
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Soda Citizen: Josh Bumgarner vs. the Giant Duck

December 13, 2016
Sean: Would you rather fight one donkey-sized duck or 100 duck sized donkeys? Josh Bumgarner: I’d probably go with the one donkey-sized duck. Yep. I would fight a four o...
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Soda Citizen: Aaron Graves on What Makes a Good Donut

December 12, 2016
Sean: What makes a good donut? Aaron Graves: A good yeast donut or a cake donut, you can dunk it. The cake or the yeast part isn’t too sweet so that the glaze or whateve...
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Photos: Anti-Trump Protest in Columbia, SC

November 12, 2016
Just before I left Friday night's Anti-Trump protest in downtown Columbia, a couple hundred demonstrators held hands on the statehouse grounds near the intersection of Ma...
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Photos: Gunpowder Residue on Last Day of the Trump Campaign

November 08, 2016
"Do you photograph fireworks or some other substance with gunpowder?" asks a friendly secret service agent named John in the lobby of the Dorton Arena in Raleigh, NC. Th...
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