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Photos: BrickUniverse wows Lego fans in Columbia

August 12, 2018
“I started putting some stands together with the north end zone seats and when I put in the walkway - you start to get a feel of how big things are gonna be - I had no id...
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Soda Citizen: Sean Thomson loves satanic crabs

August 07, 2018
Sean Rayford: If you participated in organized crime, what would your role and nickname be? Sean Thomson: Something boring, like accounting, even though I'm bad with num...
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Soda Citizen: Josh Latham is Moist

July 20, 2018
Sean: Do you talk to animals? Josh: Yes. It's not really a full on conversation. It's more or less derivations of my dogs' names into songs. Do you sing at them?...
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Photos: Brookland Beach Bash - West Columbia, SC

July 08, 2018
Like a dog wiping it’s ass across the carpet, the back end of a tandem kayak slowly took on water Saturday afternoon when a young couple launched from the shore of the Co...
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Photos: Hasher battles Congaree River to fetch beer for friend

July 02, 2018
“Shit happens mate,” explained Dan Cooper when asked about the last stretch of his journey yesterday on the rivers in Columbia, SC. As part of a Hash House Harriers floti...
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"DTF: Down To break kids out of detainment Facilities"

July 01, 2018
In unison with nationwide “Families Belong Together” marches and rallies, planned in over 600 cities, several hundred demonstrators gathered in front of the South Carolin...
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Photos: Summer grilling with Kristian Niemi

June 08, 2018
“We are here to grill steaks today,” explained local restaurateur Kristian Niemi last night at City Roots Farm, “The reason we are having this class and the reason I star...
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Photos: Sanitized in Myrtle Beach

May 28, 2018
Standing on a corner of N. Ocean Blvd. in Myrtle Beach on Friday afternoon of Black Bike Week I wondered where all the motorcycles were. Car after car, after car, crept b...
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Photos: Black Bike Week Warms up for Weekend in Myrtle Beach, SC

May 25, 2018
I've got Saturday and Sunday assignments photographing Memorial Day weekend in Myrtle Beach, SC - so I decided to get an early start yesterday for some reconnaissance. To...
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Photos: Kinetic Derby Day - West Columbia, SC

April 22, 2018
"Earlier today, we had kind of a breakdown just off the start line with the "Savage Lung." We learned that Kent Sutcliffe is going to be absolutely just fine," says an an...
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