Scared Shitless: The Diving Pig at the South Carolina State Fair

October 23, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Friday - October 19, 2012 - Columbia, SC

"Awe come on pig. Just jump in the darn water," pleaded the former strip club DJ turned pig racing emcee in front of a energized crowd at the South Carolina State Fair on Friday night. But the diving pig wasn't very interested in a bath and instead he just pooped and peed. It was an amazing act of revenge dished out by the tiny piglet in response to his conscripted service as additional entertainment at the swine races. Despite lacking both unicorns and rainbows, it entertained me as I sat Indian style in the front row with my camera, surrounded by a bunch of five year-olds.



Eventually, they persuaded the small pig to "dive" into the water and the races resumed.



Yes, that's a Faygo tattoo.



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