Welcome to Orlando: Legalize Meth

December 31, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

As soon as I arrived in Orlando I headed to The Local Bar and Grill for some punk rock and tracked down my good bud and fellow Soda citizen Joe Red Beard - who is on the road with Greenville's Rubrics. This is not Joe. He'll be the one with the red beard.



I've been exploring the city on my bicycle and the weather is gorgeous. First impressions of Orlando: There are a lot of tattoo parlors. There are a lot of brick roads that seem cool at first and then quickly become annoying. There are lots of pretty lakes, parks and ball fields. It's really flat - which makes it easy to pedal around but hard to navigate. And be prepared to pedal hard when dudes in shadows start waving at you in sketchy neighborhoods. Go Gamecocks. Come back tomorrow for some photos from New Year's Eve in Orlando, Florida.


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I shot this on the way to Orlando on Route 321 in South Carolina.


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