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Year in Review: 2016 - Photos by Sean Rayford

December 31, 2016 - In 2016 I learned about tear gas, the superpowers of fishing waders and my need for a chainsaw. Here are 55 photos that...
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Photos: Surfing Santas take over Cocoa Beach, Florida

December 25, 2016 - In 2009 George Trosset, joined by his son and wife, dressed up as Santas on Christmas Eve to surf the waves at Cocoa Bea...
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Dave Chamberlain begins 19,000 mile Forrest Gump Run with trip to Waffle House

December 19, 2016 - Dave Chamberlain is running across the world. Two weeks ago he began the latest leg of his journey, a 19,000 mile "Forre...
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Soda Citizen: Jessica Bornick - Accomplice in high school paddle theft

December 14, 2016 - Sean: Have you ever had an imaginary friend? Jessica Bornick: No. If you had an imaginary friend, we’d need a name and...
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Soda Citizen: Josh Bumgarner vs. the Giant Duck

December 13, 2016 - Sean: Would you rather fight one donkey-sized duck or 100 duck sized donkeys? Josh Bumgarner: I’d probably go with the...
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Soda Citizen: Aaron Graves on What Makes a Good Donut

December 12, 2016 - Sean: What makes a good donut? Aaron Graves: A good yeast donut or a cake donut, you can dunk it. The cake or the yeast...
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