Columbia SC Photographer | Soda Citizen: Jessica Bornick - Accomplice in high school paddle theft

Soda Citizen: Jessica Bornick - Accomplice in high school paddle theft

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Sean: Have you ever had an imaginary friend?
Jessica Bornick: No.

If you had an imaginary friend, we’d need a name and maybe what you guys do together?
If I had an imaginary friend it would probably be a shark. And the first thing that comes to my head would be Sharky. So a shark named Sharky and we would swim in the ocean together.

Columbia SC PhotographerColumbia SC PhotographerSoda Citizen show - Photo by Columbia SC photographer Sean Rayford

What do you think of carrots?
Oh, I like them. Very much.

How do you like them?
I like to eat them raw, by themselves. And with hummus.

Can you remember any of your recent dreams?
My last dream was about my grandma. And my grandma has been really sick and I’ve been thinking about her a lot. Someone called me and told me that she had passed away. I think that was two nights ago. But then I woke up and she was fine. She’s actually doing better.

Aaron Graves: I had a weird dream the other night that we woke up and watched a Monty Python movie in bed on the laptop. And then I woke up for real and hadn’t done that.

Did you ever get into trouble as a kid?
Yes. I was arrested when I was 15 for breaking into a school with some boys and my friend in the middle of the night… The silent alarm went off. We went and found the school paddle. And one of the guys stole the school paddle.

What was the motivation for this?
We had just all snuck out of our houses at like two in the morning. Just to be stupid. Just to be 15 year-olds. Dumb asses.

If your house catches fire and all the living things are safe, what do you take with you?
My sewing machine and probably drum parts. Those are my two favorite things if everyone is safe.


South Carolina PhotographerSouth Carolina PhotographerSoda Citizen show - Photo by Columbia SC photographer Sean Rayford

I realized for the fire one, that I picked two things that I could replace. Which isn’t really that great. So, I want to change my answer. I have a quilt that my grandma gave me - that somebody in our family made. I don’t know about the second one, I think still probably grab my sewing machine. Sewing machine and a quilt.

Do you have a physical creative space in your home?
It’s in our bedroom. It’s like half of our bedroom. I’ve taken over most of the bedroom. It’s my studio space so I have all my fabric on shelves and I sew there and make stuff.

What motivates you?
I guess just the idea of creating something. It in itself is really nice and sewing usually relaxes me and playing drums relaxes me.

Aaron: Sprinkled in with some Law & Order SVU.

Jessica Sometimes I watch TV. I’ve been watching Bones lately. But that doesn’t motivate me. I kinda feel like it slows me down a little bit. I usually do that when I don’t  have to think about anything — when I’m in like production mode.

If you were on a reality television show, which one would it be?
Maybe I could go for a tattoo show and get some free tattoos.

So, you’d just go on there to be the canvas?
Yeah, that’d be cool.



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