Soda Citizen: Tyler Morris Listens to Phish

June 16, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Sean: If you are eating peanut butter, how or with what are you putting it in your mouth? 
Tyler: With a spoon. Or in a Reeses Cup. I actually have three things of peanut butter left in my cabinet that are past their time. Summer of 2015. 
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Sean: Do you go creamy or crunchy?
Tyler: Creamy. Definitely not crunchy. I don't like crunchy. Sometimes I wish it wasn't as thick as it is.

Sean: What is a guilty listening pleasure that you have right now?
Tyler: I've been listening to Phish. So that is interesting. I think I liked it because I hated it. But [Michael] Crawford actually showed me the song. It's off of the album Junta. I put it on at Papa Jazz and Tim and everybody else was like, "What the hell is going on with Tyler?" The song is called "You Enjoy Myself." Which is a genius title. Just listen to that one song over and over. I love it. Out of no where it cuts to this one part, and the only words are "shiiiiiit" and "daaaammnnnn." (emphasis on stoner annunciation).

Sean: Tell me about one of your favorite customers [working at Papa Jazz]?
Tyler: Her name's Meg and she... well... we get a lot of wild people that call into there all the time. And she apparently was in a mental hospital. She was ordering CDs from us and having somebody else come by for her. And she finally got out and she had just the greatest laugh. She just drove everybody crazy and I love the customers that people hate. I love em all. Except for this one guy.

Sean: What did Meg listen to?
Tyler: Everything. She'd buy Father John Misty and then Alanis Morrisette and then it would taper off into some old weird jazz stuff. It seems like she was just reading off [lists of] names. And apparently she said that she knows Janis Joplin and that she's alive in a rural town in South Carolina and sells paintings. And this other guy that's been coming in. Huge, tall guy. Wears Trump shirts and what not. And he thinks that he is dating Leslie Van Houten, one of the Manson family girls, and he's coming in the another day and is telling us his dad is trying to ruin his marriage and is plotting to kill him.
I'm like, "Yeah man I'm sorry and trying to get out unscathed." Scared the shit out of me. Customers just looked around and were just trying to keep their composure. Dude, if you go there for a day and you'll find the wildest people.
Sean: If I could if I could make you like a life-size cutout of a human right now who would it be 
Tyler: Dr. Phil. 
Sean: Where would it end up? 
Tyler: Probably on the back of Papa Jazz by all the dust. 

Sean: Tell me what you think or something about Columbia during the summer without mentioning the weather. 
Tyler: I can tell you not to wear pants because I always do. 
Photos and interview by South Carolina photojournalist Sean Rayford


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