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Photos: Columbia responds to need in Puerto Rico

September 30, 2017 - “One is running out of food and the other is running out of water,” says Yanira Rivera about family members who are batt...
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Overnight shooting in Columbia's Vista at closing time

September 16, 2017 - After talking with law enforcement outside of The Empire Supper Club on Lady St. in the Vista early Saturday morning, a...
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Photos: North Florida's fight with Hurricane Irma

September 14, 2017 - Yesterday in Middleburg, Florida, covered in strands of Spanish Moss and various pieces of foliage, I paddled up to the...
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Photos: Irma causes record flooding in Jacksonville, FL

September 12, 2017 - Yesterday, after weathering Hurricane Irma in Daytona Beach, FL, I started driving towards the Tampa Bay area to see the...
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Photos: Blow-up doll "Judy" welcomes Hurricane Irma to Daytona Beach

September 11, 2017 - Just before curfew was enacted due to Hurricane Irma yesterday in Daytona Beach, a blow-up doll named Judy, attached to...
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Photos: Hurricane Irma and Doyle at the Daytona Beach Pier

September 10, 2017 - As Hurricane Irma migrated north, throwing bands of wind and rain across the sunshine state on Sunday, I encountered a l...
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Photos: Hurricane Irma approaches Daytona Beach

September 10, 2017 - My folks have been living in Flagler County, Florida off and on for twenty years now. I spent a couple summers during co...
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Photos: DACA Prayer Vigil - Columbia, SC

September 06, 2017 - "God of love and justice, you are the god of all peoples of every nation and yet no nation. For you do not recognize our...
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Protestors, pirates, politicians, giant weiner highlight Chapin parade

September 04, 2017 - As republican senator Lindsey Graham rolled by a group of demonstrators from the back seat of a white convertible in Cha...
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