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Onesie bar crawl stumbles through the Vista

February 25, 2018
As three elderly women waited the in the lobby of Carolina Ale House last night, the front door swung open and a boisterous group of onesie-wearing twenty-somethings para...
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Two a.m. mandatory bar closing hearing stretches into afternoon

February 20, 2018
Some residents near Five Points say that drunk college students have urinated in their gardens, passed out naked on their front porch and been beaten with brass knuckles...
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About Last Night: Confederate Fagg at Art Bar

February 19, 2018
Celebrating his retirement from the U.S Army, Confederate Fagg drummer, Packer, and bandmates Teabag Balzac, Spanky Swatnasty, and Lady Miss Mango Chutney united last nig...
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About Last Night: Bask, Abacus, Vacation State, Galaxy Chief

February 18, 2018
"Sean, can you do me a favor?" asked my friend Ryan, a former co-worker at New Brookland Tavern. "Sure," I responded. I waited in anticipation of my task as he reached ov...
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Photos: Mardi Gras Festival Columbia, SC

February 11, 2018
A show at the Elbow Room was my alibi on two occasions in 1998. The first instance occurred when my neighbors in Preston dormitory saved up their pee for a week, storing...
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Photos: Mardi Gras Parade Columbia, SC - 2018

February 10, 2018
Like Bourbon St. on steroids, revelers flocked to the Rosewood neighborhood this morning for the annual Mardi Gras parade in Columbia, SC. Queen Kassy Alia and King Bentz...
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Photos: Accident scene of fatal Amtrak crash in Cayce, SC

February 04, 2018
This morning in Cayce, SC, not too far from the state farmers market on Charleston Highway, an Amtrak passenger train crashed into a freight train, leaving at least two d...
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Pass the #DreamActNow Rally at SC Statehouse

January 31, 2018
As the sun went down yesterday in Columbia, SC about 75 people gathered at the South Carolina Statehouse to rally in support of the Dream Act, seeking legal protections f...
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Soda Citizen: Alex Strickland of Abacus/Bathe

January 31, 2018
Sean: Do you believe in aliens? Alex: No. I want to, but I just don't. Do you believe that they don't exist or just haven't visited us? If there is alien life, it's go...
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Photos: Charleston, SC Women's March - 2018

January 21, 2018
MISGIVINGS OF A PHOTOGRAPHER: I had planned to photograph the Women's March anniversary event yesterday in Charlotte but it started at 10 a.m., in comparison to Charlesto...
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