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Canvas Mounted Metallic Prints


When I did my first art show the most common question I received was about what type of prints I was using and how subtly interesting they were. I think they are great. I wish all the questions would have been, "How the hell did you do that, but here's what "an expert" has to say about the product.

"I’m a believer! Truly the interplay between sharp details, saturated color, and the nature of the paper itself not only added depth to the image, but also created a hyper-realistic feel that I found to really add to the overall impact of the photo in a way on-screen display just can’t."   

-Jason D. Moore (Adobe Certified Expert)



Metallic prints on Gallery Collection Canvas  (Sizes indicate measurements of canvas - not the photograph)


8x10 - $33.99 + S&H

11x14 - $44.99 + S&H

16x20 - $99.99 + S&H

18x24 - $149.99 + S&H

20x24 -$199.99 + S&H


The large center canvas measures 18x24 inches. The small surrounding pieces measure 8x10 inches.