Frequently Asked Questions

South Carolina photojournalist and concert photographer Sean Rayford

Photography by South Carolina Photojournlaist and Concert Photographer Sean Rayford


I'm looking for a wedding photographer, do you shoot weddings?

Yes, if you are looking for a photojournalist to photograph your wedding, I will be happy to be that person. My rates begin at $750. Please contact me via [email protected] or at 803 466 8617.


How much do you charge to photograph bands?

Follow this link: Band session pricing by South Carolina photojournalist Sean Rayford


Can our band/label hire you to go on tour?

Yes, I am available to go on tour.


Do you do engagement/bridal sessions

Columbia SC Engagement Photographer


Will you photograph my child?

Yes, I have a background in sports photojournalism and your kid is not faster than Michael Vick. My rates begin at $150


I'm a Clemson Tiger fan, will you still do business with me?

Yes, we all have our faults. Look at all the orange on this page.