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Columbia, SC photojournalists Sean Rayford and Thomas Hammond will be arriving in Tijuana on Monday, Nov. 19 to work on documentary photo projects covering the Central American Refugee Caravan that currently stretches over a thousand miles, from Mexico City to at the California border.

Rayford is a freelancer regularly working with Getty Images, the Associated Press, the New York Times and more and will be publishing content at, in addition to the possibility of working with national media outlets.

Hammond cut his teeth a few years ago on the Turkish-Syrian border documenting the Syrian Refugee Crisis and believes it is important to continue to shed light on what is quickly turning into a global refugee crisis, the largest mass migration of human beings since World War II. You can see his project here: Life for These Forgotten Syrian Refugees Is Incredibly Bleak 

Funds raised will help the two photographers travel and navigate safely in a foreign country with possible travel into areas with there are Level 3 U.S. Department of State Advisories. (Level 4 is the highest)



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