Direct all communication on this matter to [email protected]


Thank you for your interest in using (licensing) my photography. Licensing is an important way for creatives to control their work and it allows photographers to cater to different sized clients and different uses of the work. Would you charge BMW and a local business the same fees for using one of your songs in a commercial? No.


We can look at licensing as a menu with infinite options. This page is a small section of that menu. If you’d like to license photo(s) for other uses, like album artwork, gig posters, website, publicity, or promoted/sponsored posts - please holler at me with those details.


This pricing below is for owned media usage and does not apply to any paid/sponsored social media campaigns. Personal social media accounts are to be considered separate accounts and must license photos in the same manner as an artist's page. For profile or cover photo use, double the fee. Licensing also uses constraints on how long creative content can be used. Pricing below is for three year agreements. After that term, photos must be relicensed. New terms may apply. If you desire licensing without time limitations please inquire about that special pricing.


Under 1000 followers

(1st platform, 1st account - additional platforms and/or accounts 50% off)

$40 first image / $30 each additional image 


Under 3000 followers

$50 first image / $35 each additional image


Under 5000 followers

$80 first image / $60 each additional image


Under 7500 followers

$115 first image / $75 each additional image


Under 15,000 followers

$130 first image / $90 each additional image


Under 30,000 followers

$150 first image / $125 each additional image


Over 30,000? Please inquire at [email protected]



If you'd like another analogy, here's one from Getty Images:


"When you get a photo license, it means you have obtained permission to use a photo in a certain manner. It doesn’t mean that you own the image outright, however, just that you may use the image for a certain period of time. Think of it this way: a license is like a permission slip for a field trip. The extent to which you can use that photo is covered in your image licensing agreement. There are several rights that may be specified in a photo licensing agreement."


If you are curious how much it would cost to license a photo from Getty Images, whom I freelance with, below you will find the cheapest offering for a photo I made from the company, that best fits our criteria here. Their smallest client follower tier is "less than a million." They offer one-time use on any number of social media platforms (within three years) and I offer unlimited use (within three years) on a single platform.


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