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“Excuse me, is that yours?” I ask while pointing to the sidewalk at the intersection of George Rogers Boulevard and Bluff Road about five minutes before kickoff against the Gators. Dressed in garnet and black, the man next to me responds with a smile, “I think you just found a $50 bill.” A state trooper blows his whistle and the crowd floods across the liveliest intersection outside of Williams Brice Stadium. Instead of picking it up, I place my foot over President Grant and continue making photos. As the crowd fills up Springs Brooks Plaza, ticketless fans hit up scalpers in the open air market. A young man is blindside by the competition while previously negotiating with a woman attempting to sell her season tickets. “Eighty bucks for both on the lower lower level?” he delightfully questions. The crowd eventually subsides at the intersection and I pick up my foot. To my satisfaction, the fifty is still there and I take a photo for Instagram before the wind snatches it from my possession. I pick it up and hastily shove in my jeans pocket and return to shooting. One of the scalpers looks at me with envy and says, “Lemme borrow that.”
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