I've been a photojournalist for more than twenty five years, working with folks like The New York Times, The Washington Post, Getty Images, The Associated Press and I've self published three photo books. I offer private online one-on-one tutoring for photojournalism and documentary photography with packages starting at $350.

When I was in college at the University of South Carolina, I had a standout class. It was Music Management with former Hootie and the Blowfish manager Rusty Harmon. He wasn't a teacher, in the sense that most of us look at teacher, but he was the best teacher. Rusty was a professional in the field with years of experience that teachers don't have. It's with this perspective that I hope to reach the students I tutor. I didn't study journalism or photojournalism in the traditional sense, but I've been making photos for newspapers since 1996. Over that time I've had the wonderful opportunity to work around some amazing folks who have rubbed off on me during my journey.

What will you learn?

We'll start with a portfolio review and a goal assessment. We will talk about photography and I'll asses areas where improvement can be made. Are you working on a project now? How do you advance a story with still photography? Are you more interested in photojournalism or documentary photography? What is the difference? Is the history of photography important for photographers? I'll use the information I gather from our first meeting to advance and personalize the next lessons.

This may involve research, projects, Q&A's, resource links, suggested readings and more. I love documentary storytelling with the still image. Let's go! 

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