After a decade trying to balance bartending at New Brookland Tavern and a part time adventure in photography I have decided to juggle no more and last week was the first for me as a full time professional photographer. I had my first gig and signed an agreement with ESPN Images, possibly handing over my soul to Disney in the process, but that's another can of worms.


I'm extremely excited and thankful for the opportunity to devote my attention to photography and it's something I've been pursuing (unknowingly at times) for the past 16 years. I've observed as the business and community around photography have undergone huge changes during that time. Newspapers across the country have purged their photography departments and I've had to watch an exodus of friends and colleagues as the State Newspaper did the same. The Free Times doesn't even have an Art Director.


Several years ago I started seriously asking myself, “Where does photojournalism go from here? And specifically, where does it go in Columbia, SC?” Feeling limited by my options at the time I started my own brand of photoblogging in February of 2012. This past spring, following a disappointing and unprofessional experience with local publication I came to the realization that I was going to have do it myself and that the local media was not going to embrace quality work in the field.


Without the stress or awkward hours associated with working at a bar and live music venue I can now address the question that I once had no answer for. I'll be pooling my experiences from The State Newspaper, Columbia City Paper, The Gamecock, Carolina Spectator and my off and on publishing of zines to create what I foresee being one of the city's strongest footprints on the web.


I'll be introducing several regular series on the blog including two fashioned off of my quirky version of the Club Life column I once produced in the local alt-weekly and a weekend wrap-up called “Can't Remember the Weekend.” Most importantly, I'd like to develop more in depth, socially aware and long term documentary projects that won't see the light of day without this vehicle.

I'll be using the sidebar on the blog page to allow for underwriting from both individuals and businesses. I'd like to invite you for some coffee