Soda Citizen: Josh Latham is Moist

July 20, 2018


Sean: Do you talk to animals?

Josh: Yes. It's not really a full on conversation. It's more or less derivations of my dogs' names into songs.


columbia sc photographer soda city lathamcolumbia sc photographer soda city lathamJosh Latham Photo by Columbia SC portrait photographer Sean Rayford


Do you sing at them?

Not really sing. It's just more like murmur. I murmur songs about my dogs: Dennis and Colt.


What is your official job title?

Geo technical engineer. Which is kind of like a civil engineering but mainly soil.


How many bands have you played drums in?

Real bands, probably like six. This is not counting all the random attempts to get up and practice, and then it fizzles.


How many times has that happened?

A lot. I think a lot of people can say the same.


More than the number of real bands?

Yes, absolutely.


If you were a football team, what would your mascot be?

Moist. We would be moist.


Would you be the moisties?

I don't know. It would just be a moist dude. Some guy that is awkwardly sweating.


If you could curse people, what would your curse involve?



Did you have an imaginary friend? Or do you have one now?

I'm going to decline to answer.


Do you subscribe tho the five second rule.

Yes, maybe more.


Favorite smell?



Does that mean you like mint chocolate chip?

Yep, that's actually my favorite ice cream.


blog-angry-whale-sc-nov2017blog-angry-whale-sc-nov2017sid nancy


If you could have access to some science fiction technology, what would you like to get your hands on?

A Time Machine.


If you were a farmer what would you grow or raise?

Sheep would be pretty cool.


Pet peeves?

People who say, "guy." Like 'hey guy' or "what's up guy?'"That and smacking when you're eating. Any mouth noise while you are eating. That's the official answer, mouth noises while eating.


What were the first words that the aliens said to you when you were taken?

Oh shit. Waddup!


If you passed away and returned to earth as a bird, what type of bird would you like be?

A pelican.


What attracts you to the pelican way of life?

That's honestly just the first bird that I thought of.


Interview edited for brevity, clarity, and your entertainmnet with 2016 photo by Sean Rayford



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